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Three Phase Pole Mount Transformers

  Meets or exceeds latest IEEE, NEMA, DOE Efficiency Ruling and RUS standards, as applicable

  Shell-form core designs

  All coils are wound with Weidmann Insolution® DPE adhesive coated larger insulation

  Non-interlaced low voltages.  Interlaced low voltage windings available if required

  Wet-processed porcelain high-voltage bushings

  Molded polymer low voltage bushings

  Mild steel tank, cover and clamping ring are standard

  Continuous welding of hanger bracket, lifting lugs and ground bosses

  Tank rim is rolled 360° to provide superior cover retention

  Tank bottom is recessed and tank edge is turned inward 90° to provide scuff protection

  Tin-plated bronze terminals suitable for either copper or aluminum connection

  Low-voltage grounding provisions

  Low-voltage bushing ground strap on one-bushing units

  Low-voltage leads permanently marked internally

  Cover is grounded externally to the upper hanger bracket

  Automatic pressure relief valve to safely relieve internal pressure

  Mineral oil with inhibitor

  Tank grounding provision

  Tank grounding connector on single bushing transformers

  Tank, cover and clamping ring surfaces are chemically etched in preparation for painting

  Tank, cover and clamping ring are powder coated

  Tank cover insulated to 10 KV

  Aluminum laser-engraved nameplate

  KVA marking on tank

  200C cold oil level marked internally

  Low-voltage circuit breaker on self-protected units

  External, tank-mounted arrester on self-protected units

  Internal block mounted high-voltage expulsion fuse on self-protected units

  Total or partial 409 or 304 series stainless steel designs are available

  Lightning arrester mounting provisions (standard on self-protected transformers)

  Lightning arrester, externally-mounted or internally-mounted under oil (externally-mounted lightning arrester standard on self-protected transformers)

  High-voltage taps are available

  Dual high-voltage switch with external operating handle

  Dual low-voltage switch

  Interlaced low-voltage windings

  Wildlife protection

  Magnex Interrupter Switch

  Emergency overload reset handle (available only on self-protected transformers)

  Tank ground connector (standard on one-bushing transformers)

  Low-voltage winding ground strap (standard on one-bushing transformers except step-up / step-down units)

  Custom stenciling and labeling


  Laser engraved stainless steel nameplate

  FR3 Fluid

  Rural Utilities Service (RUS) design standards

  Canadian Standards Association (CSA) design standards

  Other non-U.S. design standards

Single Phase Conventional

KVA Ratings (65°C Rise)
30, 45, 75, 112.5, 150, 225 and 300

High-Voltage Ratings
Single voltage 2400 through 34400
(60 kV through 200 kV BIL)
Dual voltage (no taps)

Low-Voltage Ratings
208Y/120, 480Y/277, 240, 480
(30 kV BIL)