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An innovative hinged guard for use on distribution transformer bushings or other similar sized bushings. This patented guard is designed especially for shotgun stick and hot stick application on transformers already in service. The ingenious design incorporates a stainless closure spring, which in combination with a trigger bar, holds the guard open prior to installation. When the trigger bar makes contact with the edge of the bushing, the guard collapses around the bushing and rotates to align with incoming leads. Substantial length meshed cable porting permits closure on multiple leads at various angles.

A permanent handle on the guard permits attachment to a standard shotgun stick. A plastic adapter available from Central Moloney adapts the handle for use with a standard hot stick. With an extension hot stick, the guard can be installed from ground level. This permits installation by a single lineman, saving the cost associated with a full bucket truck crew.

Extensively tested, UV stabilized, high dielectric polypropylene copolymer provides superior durability and weather resistance.

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