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A hinged wildlife guard for use with handwheel tightened bushing terminals. This type of guard is typically furnished by the OEM on new transformers. Optional handwheel hole heights allow the guard to be optimized for minimum clearance between the bottom of the guard and the top of the porcelain skirt. For ease of lead installation, the guard is left open to insure correct cable tightening in the eyebolt terminal. Upon completion of lead tightening, the guard is snapped closed. For universal retrofit applications, a slotted hole is available. A meshed auxiliary cable port is standard, adjacent to the main cable port, to accommodate an arrester lead.

The guard body is made of UV stabilized, high dielectric polypropylene copolymer for superior durability and weather resistance. The handwheel is made of UV stabilized, glass filled, engineering grade thermoplastic polyester.

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