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For almost 40 years, CMI Components has led the industry with innovative products to improve the quality and reliability of electrical power equipment. In the mid 1980’s CMI Components was the first to introduce thermoplastic primary and secondary bushings to the transformer industry. The success of these bushings led to a complete transformation of these products utilizing advanced thermoplastic technology.

A range of manufacturing processes, including polymer casting, transfer molding, pressure gelation, and thermoplastic injection molding allows extreme versatility in meeting customer’s needs.

CMI Components are designed, tested, and manufactured to the highest standards to provide trouble free performance. Certification to ISO 9001-2000 provides Central Moloney, Inc. with a framework of process control and continuous improvement.

With our history as proof, new product development is high priority at CMI Components. A number of CMI patents serve as testimony to the originality of our new design effort. We encourage feedback from customers on ideas for new and improved products.


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