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Three-Phase Pad Mount Distribution Transformers

Three Phase Pad Mount

Three Phase Pad Mount
Quality is at the core of Central Moloney, Inc., from our people, to our manufacturing processes and to our “can-do” attitude of producing reliable Three-Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformers for our customers.

Our three-phase pad mount distribution transformers are designed and manufactured in compliance with all applicable ANSI and RUS industry standards and/or customer specification.

Standard Features and Accessories

  • Cabinet secured to tank with 300 series stainless studs
  • Removable doors and sill
  • Three point door-latching mechanism with penta head bolt
  • Steel barrier separating high and low voltage compartments
  • Access to high voltage compartment via penta head bolt(s)
  • Tank equipped with four (4) lifting lugs and jacking provisions
  • Tank and cabinet painted Munsell 7GY3.29/1.5 Green
  • Zinc rich primer
  • High voltage bushings are externally clamped universal wells
  • Low voltage bushings are externally clamped with ANSI spades
  • Removable neutral ground strap on low voltage neutral bushing
  • One-inch oil fill plug
  • One-inch oil drain plug
  • Half-inch liquid level plug
  • Automatic pressure relief valve
  • Externally operated H0 Disconnect (WYE-WYE)
  • Accessory parking stands (Dead-Front Only)
  • Door stop rods
  • Tank grounding provisions (1 in HV, 1 in LV)

Optional Accessories

  • Draw-out expulsion fuses with isolation links or internal expulsion fuses
  • Non-metallic drip shield
  • Draw-out full range current limiting fuse
  • Internal partial range current limiting fuse with internal or draw-out expulsion fuses
  • Draw-out, non-loadbreak current limiting fuses, with interlocking loadbreak switch
  • Loadbreak or non-loadbreak high voltage bushing inserts
  • Integral high voltage bushings
  • Low voltage bushing connectors or non-standard ANSI spades
  • Dual voltage switch
  • Delta-WYE switch
  • Tap changer switch
  • Loadbreak sectionalizing switch
  • Pressure/vacuum gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Liquid level gauge
  • FR3 Fluid
  • Drain valve with sampling device
  • Handhole(s) with tamper-resistant cover
  • DOE Efficiency Ruling compliant designs available

Product Scope

  • 30 kVA through 1500 kVA
  • Primary voltages from 2400 through 34,500 (200 kV BIL)
  • Secondary voltages 600 volts and below

At Central Moloney, we consistently strive to go above and beyond in order to bring our customers the best products and value in the marketplace. Our staff and management are composed of individuals with unique and unmatched experience.

Whether you are planning a requirement for one or one-hundred three phase pad mounted transformers, Central Moloney is ready to discuss your needs.
Acrobat Three-Phase Distribution Transformers Brochure
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