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Single-Phase Pad Mount Distribution Transformers

As a proven leader in the manufacture of Single-Phase Pad Mount Distribution Transformers, Central Moloney, Inc. offers an extensive range of product capabilities. Our transformers are designed and manufactured in compliance with all applicable ANSI, NEMA and RUS standards.

Standard Features and Accessories

  • Meets or exceeds current ANSI, NEMA and RUS standards as applicable
  • Shell-form core designs
  • All coils are wound with adhesive coated Kraft layer insulation
  • Adjustable J-bolt frame and blocking add to short circuit withstand
  • In-house short circuit testing capability allows for audit testing as required
  • Externally clamped high voltage bushings and low voltage bushings
  • Single parking stand
  • Insulated neutral terminal with removable ground strap
  • All bushings, switched accessories and bayonets mounted on embossed surface
  • Fully flush lifting provisions with removable lifting/shipping bolts
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Type II mineral oil
  • Full compliance with ANSI C57.12.28 enclosure integrity standards
  • Removable hood with corrosion resistant stainless steel hinge pins and barrels
  • Mild steel enclosure and detachable sill
  • Electrostatically applied powder paint finish with polyurethane top coat for superior resistance to chipping, fading, abrasion and corrosion
  • Air dome cover hood and tank
  • Oil level plug
  • Oil drain plug
  • Tank grounding provisions
  • 300 Series stainless steel locking assembly with captive pentahead security bolt, floating nut and padlock provision
  • Decal bushing designations
  • NEMA safety labels
  • Laser engraved anodized aluminum nameplate

Optional Features

  • Total stainless steel (409 or 300 series) or hybrid (mild steel/stainless steel) enclosure
  • Composite pallet/pad that serves as both shipping pallet and permanent mounting pad; it can be factory mounted to transformers through all kVA ratings
  • High voltage, load-break on/off or sectionalizing switch
  • Fault indicator
  • Fault indicator provision only
  • Load-break high voltage bushing inserts
  • Low voltage terminals, including various screw-on spades or slip-fit connectors
  • Internally mounted expulsion fuse
  • Magnex Interrupter Switch
  • Draw-out expulsion fuse in combination with internally mounted partial range current limiting fuse or isolation link
  • Draw-out (dry well) full range current limiting fuse
  • Drip shield for use with draw-out expulsion fuse
  • Low voltage circuit breaker with or without emergency overload lever
  • MOV high voltage lightning arrester: under oil mounted with external disconnect
  • High voltage tap switch with operating handle in the terminating compartment (high voltage taps not available in combination with dual high voltage ratings)
  • Dual high voltage switch with operating handle in the terminating compartment
  • Interlaced low voltage windings
  • Drain valve with or without sampling device
  • Temperature gauge
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Pressure/vacuum gauge
  • Tank ground connectors
  • Hold-down cleats
  • Custom stenciling and labeling
  • Bar Coding
  • Laser engraved stainless steel nameplate
  • FR3 Fluid
  • Canadian Standards Association design standards
  • Other non-U.S. design standards
  • NEMPA TP-1 compliant designs
  • DOE Efficiency Ruling compliant designs available

Product Scope

  • kVA Ratings - (65°C) – 15 through 500
  • HV Ratings – 34,500 GRDY/19,920 volts & below (multiple voltages are available)
  • LV Ratings – 600 volts and below
  • HV Bushings – Universal Bushing Wells (with or without inserts) or Integral Bushings
  • LV Bushings – Central Moloney Components Tuf-Ex Mount (optional stud lengths available)
  • HV Taps – Standard tap arrangements are available with external operating handle
  • Bushing Arrangements – ANSI Type 1 or Type II
  • Fusing – Internal Weak Link Bayonet, Current Limiting Fuse (Draw-Out Dry or Wet-Well) Internal Oil Immersed Current Limiting Fuse
  • Overload Protection – Circuit breaker through 167 or Magnex Interrupter

Factory Stocking Program

Central Moloney, Inc. stocks a wide variety of single-phase distribution transformers that are available for immediate shipment from our factory in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. If you want a single-phase pad mount distribution transformer that is reliable for years to come, buy one from Central Moloney, Inc.
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