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Single-Phase Overhead Distribution Transformers

Since 1949, Central Moloney, Inc. has enjoyed a reputation for outstanding design and manufacture of Single-Phase Overhead Distribution Transformers.  We offer a complete line of single-phase overhead distribution transformers including conventional, completely self-protected and step-up / step-down and auto-type designs that meets all applicable ANSI, NEMA and RUS standards.

Standard Features

  • Meets or exceeds latest applicable ANSI, NEMA and RUS standards as applicable
  • Shell-form core designs
  • All coils are wound with adhesive coated Kraft layer insulation
  • Adjustable J-bolt frame and blocking add to short circuit withstand
  • In-house short circuit testing capability allows for audit testing as required
  • Non-interlaced low voltages
  • Wet-processed porcelain high-voltage bushings
  • Molded polymer low voltage bushings
  • Mild steel tank, cover and clamping ring are standard.
  • Continuous welding of hanger bracket, lifting lugs and ground bosses
  • Tank rim is rolled 360° to provide superior cover retention
  • Tin-plated bronze terminals suitable for either copper or aluminum connection
  • Low-voltage grounding provisions
  • Low-voltage bushing ground strap on one-bushing units
  • Low-voltage leads permanently marked internally
  • Cover is grounded externally to the upper hanger bracket
  • Automatic pressure relief valve to safely relieve internal pressure
  • Mineral oil with inhibitor
  • Tank grounding provision
  • Tank grounding connector on single bushing transformers
  • Tank, cover and clamping ring surfaces are chemically etched in preparation for painting
  • Tank, cover and clamping ring are powder coated
  • Tank cover insulated to 10 KV
  • Aluminum laser-engraved nameplate
  • KVA marking on tank
  • 20° C cold oil level marked internally
  • Low-voltage circuit breaker on self-protected units
  • External, tank-mounted arrester on self-protected units
  • Internal block mounted high-voltage expulsion fuse on self-protected units

Optional Features, Accessories and Design Standards

  • Total or partial 409 or 304 series stainless steel designs are available
  • Lightning arrester mounting provisions (standard on self-protected transformers)
  • Lightning arrester, externally-mounted or internally-mounted under oil (externally-mounted lightning arrester standard on self-protected transformers)
  • High-voltage taps are available
  • Dual high-voltage switch with external operating handle
  • Dual low-voltage switch (available only on step-up/step-down transformers)
  • Interlaced low-voltage windings
  • Wildlife protection
  • Magnex Interrupter Switch
  • Emergency overload reset handle (available only on self-protected transformers)
  • Tank ground connector (standard on one-bushing transformers)
  • Low-voltage winding ground strap (standard on one-bushing transformers except step-up / step-down units)
  • Custom stenciling and labeling
  • Bar-coding
  • Laser engraved stainless steel nameplate
  • FR3 Fluid
  • Rural Utilities Service (RUS) design standards
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) design standards
  • Other non-U.S. design standards
  • NEMA TP-1 compliant designs
  • DOE Efficiency Ruling compliant designs available

Product Scope


Factory Stocking Program

Central Moloney, Inc. stocks a wide variety of single-phase distribution transformers that are available for immediate shipment from our factory in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

If you want a single-phase overhead distribution transformer that is reliable for years to come, buy one from Central Moloney, Inc.

Acrobat Single-Phase Overhead Transformer Brochure
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