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Network Transformers

Network Transformers

Central Moloney manufactures subway and vault-type network transformers specifically designed for secondary network distribution systems. Our network transformers are designed and manufactured in compliance with ANSI Standard C57.12.40 and/or customer specification.

Our subway-type network transformers are designed for frequent or continuous submerged operation. The vault-type network transformers are suitable for occasional submerged operation.

Product Features

A variety of features and accessories are available to satisfy almost any special requirement.

Special options include liquid level gauge, welds & inserts, wiping sleeves, high-voltage grounding switch (dead break type and mag-break type), submersible tap changer, FR3 oil and temperature gauges are available to meet your exact specification.

Product Scope

  • 300 kVA through 1000 kVA
  • Primary voltages through 34.5 kV
  • Secondary voltages through 600 V
What makes Central Moloney transformers so superior is the process in which they are manufactured. By being built individually, each transformer possesses quality and reliability that meets or exceeds customer’s specifications.
Acrobat Product Data Sheet PDS-0037, Network Transformers
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