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From the desk of Chris Hart 3/27/20

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Many names have helped build the name and brand of Central Moloney, Inc. While we continue to celebrate the names of the past, we anticipate what names like Mark Smith, Kent Gossage, and Brian Wood will catapult us to.

Effective immediately, the title of Vice-President/General Manager of Components belongs to Mark. Taking the initiative of corporate efforts will be Kent and Brian as Vice-President of Corporate Sales & Quality and Vice-President of Corporate Engineering respectively.

Components will get stronger with Mark at the helm. Kent and Brian will help us all with focus on the collective mission. With their diligence and expertise, the name Central Moloney, Inc. will continue to mean the very best at what we do!

For general sale inquiries and purchase orders, please contact:

Kent Gossage at

Emily Griffin at

Taylor Pickett at

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