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Central Moloney, Inc. has supplied the industry with rugged, long lasting wildlife guards for application on HV transformer bushings for almost four decades. As the utility industry increased focus on power reliability through mitigation of animal caused outages, CMI responded with a host of innovative new guards with features to improve their effectiveness and ease of installation.

From the popular Shedmount series of guards to the shotgun and hotstick installable patented Shedmount TI, CMI now has a full line of rugged guards to protect high voltage bushings and arresters on distribution transformers. CMI has been at the forefront of innovative guard design and holds a number patents on these designs.

An active member of the Wildlife Protective Products Working Group of the T&D Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society, CMI is committed to remaining a leader in wildlife protection products for electrical distribution equipment.

Precise material selection and extensive testing ensures that CMI guards can withstand the harshest environments.

Although CMI is tooled for a number ‘standard’ guards, optional modifications are available tailored to special requirements. Please contact your local agent or CMI directly for help in selecting guards or discussing needs for wildlife protection that we currently do not have available.

Central Moloney Wildlife Guard Products

Shedmount Wildlife Guards

Recloser Wildlife Guard

Mini Shedmount Guards

Arrester Bracket (A.B.) Cap

Shedmount TI

Shedlock Guard

Handwheel Guard