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Low Voltage Pole Bushings for Distribution Transformers

CMI has been manufacturing the industry-leading “SpeedMount” family of bushings since 1975. These Pole Type bushings are made with High Strength Engineering grade thermoplastic that is glass filled and UV inhibited for superior performance and durability. The design and composition of these bushings give superior seal and integrity and UV protection by encapsulating the gaskets while giving cantilever and impact resistance far exceeding the commonly used porcelain bushings. The “SpeedMount” family offers bushings sizes and conductor configurations to accommodate single and three-phase pole type transformers from 5 to 500 KVA. Certified Test Data and Specifications available upon request.

Low Voltage Bushings for Distribution Transformers & Networks

Whether you need LV bushings for mass production or a single repair, CMI has the LV bushing to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in performance. CMI offers low voltage Bolt-in, Weld-in and Clamp-in Bushings for Single and Three-Phase Pad Mounts, Submersibles and Network Transformer bushings ranging from 600 to 6,500 amp ratings. These bushings are manufactured in house with High Strength Engineering grade Thermoplastic or Epoxy Insulators with solid copper or aluminum conductors, depending on amp ratings and requirements. CMI LV bushings have hundreds of options in conductor and terminal configurations to choose from, or we will design a bushing/conductor to meet your specifications.