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Announcement 4/2/20

Due to the significant increase in recent demand we are extending lead times for new quotations. Our goal is to continue to provide great service to our alliance/contract customers so we believe this  is necessary during this time.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kent Gossage 

Vice President Corporate Sales & Quality

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From the desk of Chris Hart 3/27/20

Many names have helped build the name and brand of Central Moloney, Inc. While we continue to celebrate the names of the past, we anticipate what names like Mark Smith, Kent Gossage, and Brian Wood will catapult us to.

Effective immediately, the title of Vice-President/General Manager of Components belongs to Mark. Taking the initiative of corporate efforts will be Kent and Brian as Vice-President of Corporate Sales & Quality and Vice-President of Corporate Engineering respectively.

Components will get stronger with Mark at the helm. Kent and Brian will help us all with focus on the collective mission. With their diligence and expertise, the name Central Moloney, Inc. will continue to mean the very best at what we do!

For general sale inquiries and purchase orders, please contact:

Kent Gossage at

Emily Griffin at

Taylor Pickett at

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We are OPEN!

Without a doubt, the unprecedented effect of the COVID-19 spread over the last few weeks has forced a lot of thought, introspection and planning. In these incredibly challenging times, it seems that the only constant is the fluid nature of daily updates and the navigation of making sure that you have done everything possible to cover every base.

While the world is in constant turmoil, one constant that you can depend on is Central Moloney, Inc. We accept the essential nature of our business as an honor and will rise to the challenge of answering the call of our suppliers. While doing that, we will also never lose focus of taking care of the well-being of the CMI family. That absolutely comes first.

Our leadership team is constantly engaging with those who build our products and are making sure that they are healthy and well. Any fear or potential for illness will be met head on and addressed in order to secure the health of our business inside of our walls as well as out. We also are engaging vigorously with our supply chain and making sure that no interruption of materials will occur. Essentially, we are doing what we always do and that means going above and beyond.

In this troubled time, this family would be remiss if we did not communicate to you that our prayers remain steadfast for those who have been impacted by COVID-19 in all fashions. We know that the source of healing is the same source of providence and prosperity and is in complete control.

Thank you for your steadfast belief in us and for the relationship we have had and will have in the future. From our family to yours, we wish you health and blessings.

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Urgent Announcement!

CMI Family,

As always, Central Moloney, Inc. places the health and safety of our family as our highest priority. Our long- standing tradition of customer service has always included ingratiating our customers and stakeholders into our family in every way possible including on-site visits.

With current concerns of Coronavirus and other risks, we must take precautions to protect our family and yours. Until further notice, we are restricting all travel unless absolutely necessary.

Please do not take this as a sign that we are not conducting business as usual, we are. People are our business though and our business is good. Thanks for allowing us to keep it that way!


Chris Hart


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