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CMI Announces Approval of New Union Agreement

Pine Bluff, Ark. Central Moloney, Inc. (CMI) announced today that the IBEW Local Union #1658 ratified new, three-year collective bargaining agreements on the first vote. These contracts, covering parts of the Transformer and Components operations, will remain in place through March 31, 2022.

In response to this fantastic news, Central Moloney, Inc. President/CEO Chris Hart said, “The widespread approval of the best and final offer validates our collective belief in the direction of our organization. Whether you are represented by a union or not, employment at Central Moloney, Inc. means far more than having a job. It goes beyond being a part of a team. We have been, we are and we will always be a family. Ratification and implementation of these agreements further our ability to remain the leader in our industries, as well as solidifies our commitment to our family and every stakeholder in our success.”

While details of the agreements remain proprietary, CMI acknowledges its commitment to providing excellent benefits to its valued members of the “family”.

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